What does ‘self-management’ mean?

Self-management is where our community will take over the care and maintenance of our green spaces from Bury Council. In our case this is through the creation and implementation of a long-term, formal agreement.

Friends of Huntfold

What does the agreement involve?

The agreement is a partnership agreement between Bury Council and the Friends of Huntfold.

The agreement includes:

  1. how the lands are transferred to our care - a long-term lease

  2. the duration of the agreement - 99 years

  3. the scope of responsibility

  4. which green spaces are involved - as shown here

  5. what the Friends of Huntfold are required to do - our Constitution

  6. what Bury Council is required to do

What is the Friends of Huntfold?

The Friends of Huntfold is a not-for-profit community group established as The Friends of Huntfold Limited. It is the lease-holder of the green spaces involved. The Friends of Huntfold is governed by its own Constitution setting out its membership, its purpose, the roles of its Officers, how they are appointed, how its responsibilities will be carried out and how it will keep the Friends informed and involved. In short, how it will carry out its duties transparently and remain accountable to all of its Friends keeping any costs to each household as low as possible.

When does this happen?

A 99 year lease was put in place in April 2018 for all ‘non-Highways’ areas. All areas will be included later in the same year following an ‘unadoption’ process. The Friends of Huntfold began the maintenance and care of the green spaces for the Season April to October 2018

The Friends of Huntfold will continue to hold regular meetings of its Officers and expects to hold its first Annual General Meeting for the ‘Friends’ in October 2018.

Community Group

Who are the Friends of Huntfold?

The Friends of Huntfold is a not-for-profit Community Group. Anyone who lives on or near to the Huntfold Farm Estate, Greenmount is considered to be a ‘Friend’.

If you want to join us, email us here

As a group, our ‘Friends’ have appointed Officers to be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and care of our green spaces and to be accountable to the membership.

        Chair            Chris Rogan

        Treasurer     Ann Bennett

        Secretary     David Booker

See our Constitution here

Contributions are welcome - the more we receive, the cheaper it is for each household

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