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How To Pay

Each household can make its contribution using one of the 3 methods described below:

  1. 1.Online - you can make your contribution online through your own online banking service. You will need to include the following details of the Friends of Huntfold.

            Our Account Name        ‘The Friends of Huntfold Limited’

            Our sort code                    30-98-90

            Our Account Number      17088168

            Enter YOUR OWN ADDRESS as the ‘Reference’ in your payment instruction.

            This allows us to see which house has contributed.

  1. 2.Standing Order - you will need to contact your bank to set up a Standing Order.

           Your bank will need the same details as for an online payment above.

  1. 3.By Cheque - complete a cheque payable to ‘The Friends of Huntfold Limited’.

            Please write your address on the back of your cheque.

For 2019

we ask that each household contributes £60

Please make your contribution from Jan 1st 2019 up until 1st March 2019.

Every additional contribution makes it cheaper for all of us.

What happens in future years?

The Friends of Huntfold decide at their Annual General Meeting a fair and balanced contribution for the following year. The Friends of Huntfold is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation. Should we have a surplus of funds in any year, it will be carried forward to lessen the cost to each household in the following year.

If you need further information or help in making your contribution...

email the Friends of Huntfold Treasurer.


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